Saturday, April 01, 2006

Know your Name - Know yourself

"Sigmund Freud, often began his sessions by asking about a person's name. You can know more about yourself through your names by these queries:-

* Imagine your parents discussing what name to give you a week before you were born. Did they want a boy or a girl?

* Some babies are named after other people-either relatives or friends or famous personalities. Were you named after anybody? If so, who and why? Has it had any effect on your personality.

* Many children are named after legendary heroes. Later in childhood their stories are retold to them. Can you remember any such stories you have heard as a child.

* Nearly all names have meanings. Were your parents aware of the meaning of your name ? Who chose your name ? Was it chosen for its meaning ?

* Do you have a nickname ? Do you remember when and why you started using it?

* How and by whom were your parents named. Have you noticed any relation between their names and personalities.

* Do people make jokes about your name ? Do You like it

* There is definate Karmic reason behind your name. You are what you are called. So you are what you are called.

--Extract from Life Positive Magazine

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Anonymous said...

Hey, great article! Yes, this "know thyself" advice seems to have come from many of history's great thinkers. A name is probably one of the most important gifts parents give, other than the gift of life itself of course. What an amazing thing. There's a good article about some of the naming factors you mentioned at a site called / titled or whatever Baby Names and Meanings. Help for When You Are Pregnant for Sure such as meanings and so on. The Karmic point you make is interesting though. I hadn't heard that before. Thanks for the insight!