Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lists of Hindu Names

You may know that the three most common lists of religious hindu names are
  1. The Vishnu Sahasranamam
  2. The Lalitha Sahasranamamand
  3. The less well know Shiva Sahasranamam.
Each has 1008 names of the particular deity, of which many are namescommonly given, especially within the Brahmin community, who memorized theseancient hymns.Less well known is the fact that each of these long hymns is itself merelyone of several hymns with names. For instance the Lalitha Sahasranamam ismerely one of 10 lists of Goddess names !
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Anonymous said...

hi. just been blessed with a baby boy. i wanted to name him Yashmit rana (not yashmeet, which is a punjabi name). is there a name like this and what does it mean?

Unknown said...

I like to add another website on hindu baby names, largest baby names website on internet. It has mythological names also.
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Anonymous said...

hindu names are nice and have good meanings